Thursday 24 January 2013

Job of the Month - Whitby

This one doesn't pay much but it could be a peach for somebody who wants to be slap in the middle of the action at Whitby.  The New Angel Hotel wants a full time receptionist.
 Photo : see their facebook timeline.

Chain JD Wetherspoon have refurbished the dowdy building in the modern nautical style; all glass balconies and minimal steel rigging which evoke 1920s cruise liners and yachting.  Opening is projected for 28 March.

Application is online - there are only a few days left for this job - and they have a facebook page which charts the renovation. 


Mark Wadsworth said...

Is this tongue in cheek or has somebody hi-jacked your 'blog?

Woman on a Raft said...

For those of us who adore Whitby and the Brenda and Effie novels of Paul Magrs, being a hotel receptionist there is like being paid to fall right in to a leading role in a fantasy.

Don't tell JD Wetherspoon, but if they relaxed the uniform rules they would probably be able to charge people to do the job.

MTG said...

I rather hope the pay is good, WOAR. JD Wetherspoon has a hard core clientele, rarely sober and even less likely to appreciate a fine renovation.

JuliaM said...

That might be true in Leeds or Nottingham, but Whitby..?

Dick the Prick said...

Dear Mrs WoaR

It is really chilly over there. Brrrrr.... This Scarborough putsch seems normal for Yorkshire - I heard their dock renovation was mafia and it makes sense. Grimsy's getting fucked again. Whitby's falling into the sea as is Filey and Bridlington makes death seem optional.

If Whitby Abbey goes, that'd be odd.

Now Hull, well...

York can go bollox and Beverley & Harrogate are full of pikey smackheads. No wonder Ripon wins by default, never been, probably may do.

As per


Woman on a Raft said...

Ripon has the advantage of not being flooded or falling over. It also has Appleton's famous pie shop on the market. The old man retired and sold the business a couple of years ago but I understand that the pies continue in their glory. Warm pie, fresh out of the oven. Perfect.

Thirsk is a useful little town; not gaudy, a little bit scruffy but very livable and known as as 'Herriot Country'. You could spend a lifetime comparing places; Middleham, Leyburn. Very hard to beat Masham on all scores. How about Helmsley or Pickering?

OK, there are terrible pockets to avoid, such as parts of Bradford, but the thing about Yorkshire is it's where the food comes from and they increasingly produce the best food in the world which you would be happy to sell to a French chef to cook and he wouldn't throw his cleaver at you in rage.

But don't forget - if asked, Yorkshire contains only whippets in batter.

Mark Wadsworth said...

WOAR, yes, Whitby is lovely, I was just askin'.

Nick said...

I enjoyed reading your articles