Tuesday 17 June 2014

Job of the month - ferry clerk

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

View from your office window

Get paid to be in a beautiful part of the country.  All you have to do is sell tickets in the ferry office down in Poole - but on the forest side of the water.

Office Assistant (37.5 hours per week)
We have a vacancy for an Office Assistant to join the team working mainly in the Ferry Office. Ideally applicants will have office and cash handling experience. Candidates must be confident and able to work unsupervised. The position requires a flexible approach to working hours and also an ability to share "on call" duties with management.
The position is 37.5 hours per week over five days and will include every other weekend. A salary of £22,620.00 will be offered to the successful applicant.
 Please apply with a CV to:

The Bournemouth-Swanage Ferry Co,
Ferry Office, Shell Bay,
Studland, Swanage,
BH19 3BA,
or by email to email@sandbanksferry.co.uk

Please do not disturb the rare colony of naturists

Further pictures from the Poole Harbour Guide.


James Higham said...

Not trying for it yourself? Sinecure.

Woman on a Raft said...

Sad, isn't it. But somebody should have that life.

Admittedly I only see them in the good weather, but ferrymen (and it is usually men) seem to enjoy their work tremendously. I went down to a tiny local one which shuttles across Falmouth harbour, thereby sparing the inhabitants a half-hour drive the long way round.

There are even a class of children who use it as their school bus. How cool is that "Sorry miss, the boat was late".

BTW, I don't know why, but the display of the pics is playing up.

callmeishmael said...

A bit more John Masefield, the ferries, up here in the far North, bit more butting through the Channel im the mad March days; rusty little, out of date, inter isles ro-ro boats with a crew of three or four, battering through monster seas; their crews, though seem to love it, steeped in myth and legend and fable, ferrymen. You should apply.

Anonymous said...

Mrs WOAR. I have just wandered over here from Mr Ishmael's place to find this. I was staying down at Sandbanks only last week but did not spot this opportunity. Damn! I could have applied in person. I grew up along this coast. I think the chain ferry could challenge Mr I's Orkadian Ro-Ro boats to a rust and 'out-of-dateness' challenge any day. Also the Purbecks are formidable territory especially when travelling by bicycle. They can be light and magical but also dark and forbidding... SG

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