Monday, 17 February 2014

How to Introduce Rationing

Politicians and civil servants have never forgotten the thrill of total war and the power it gave them to direct all the goods and services in the entire economy.  They created artificial shortages to magnify the effects of war so that when rationing was introduced the public saw the coupons as smoothing out supply and accepted them.  It was the manipulation of perception.  

But that war is over.  Without a permanent enemy, how is one to impose a parallel currency such as carbon credits, or manufacture the warrant to reach right in to every household and dictate that they must use expensive complex light bulbs which are not very bright,  or to insist that some irrelevant jobsworth must write an energy performance certificate for every house when it is sold?  How is one to dominate civil society and bring it under central European control?

Easy. Make the effects of bad weather worse by deliberately mis-managing the landscape,  then call it Man Made Climate Change.  Then demand even more power to deal with it.

It may be that Environment Agency simply bungled the management of the Somerset Levels. It may be that the land was inadvertently flooded on the instructions of people who do not understand how waterlands work and that if you drown a newt in sewage, it is just as dead as if you had dried its habitat out.

But it may also be that a perfect disaster was set up deliberately, with the intention it would panic the middle-classes, who tend to live in the prettier parts, in to handing over all the power necessary to 'save' them.

Watts Up With That has been looking in to how bad weather was made worse by the Environment Agency. 
"The real issue has to do with the lack of flow capacity in the Kings Sedgemoor Drain, (gravity drain, not pumped) due to silting and vegetation encroachment, as well as similar issues in the River Parrett...."


Dick the Prick said...

Dear Mrs WoaR

They're trying to co-opt 'climate change' as being an all encompassing AGW "man made" climate change. Since when has prevention of flooding needed consent? It kinda sorts itself out. There is a decent local government conversation here - what can they do? Only emergency.

There was a lift impediment that for some fucked up reason became critical in a block of flats council had. No news there. Except all the dumb bastards who had bought their comfy appartment got evicted on their arses and all those on benefits were B&B'd as part of the 1st phonecall. What is local politics? Having that as a fuck up.

I'm kinda close to UKIP and stuff, hmm, let's not get too excited. Simple mistakes are unacceptable. It highlights what we both wrail against (sp!)

The Jonathan Meades thing on BBC4 was lovely. Mark Steele did a gig on Huddersfield too. Perhaps the funniest lefty comedian about - proper lefty, no bullshit there. Most of my chums are tankies as they do think some curious thoughts - stuff I wouldn't do in a million years.

Seriously, this climate change shit, I can build a jetty!



JuliaM said...

"It may be that Environment Agency simply bungled the management of the Somerset Levels."

Well, they do say look for cock-up ahead of conspiracy...

Woman on a Raft said...

Funny you should mention both of them, Mr DtP. I love Meades even when I haven't the faintest idea what he is on about but I thought that programme made his point well. I wish they would edit the pictures a little bit slower - my eyes take longer to adjust these days. The images illustrate his argument but there is no point in just wiping them in front of me - I have to be allowed to work out what I'm looking at. I would like to see it again and hope I'll catch the next part.

I was also lucky enough to hear the blissfully funny show from Huddersfield - but due to the end of the journey I missed about the last five minutes. You have reminded me to go and listen if it is still available. Steele is at his funniest when observing people, when he transcends politics and gets in to character.

As for mm climate change - I made my decision about two years ago when the police turned up at Tallbloke's house and intervened in an academic argument. The only reason for UEA to do that was that they were frightened and had been cooking the data, otherwise why would they mind?

Hi JuliaM. The reason I'm prepared to accept that it was a cock-up was that the Agency has evidently hired non-engineers and spent all the money on promotional mugs and diversity initiatives.

Unfortunately, I've seen businesses systematically ignore their technically competent staff (no matter what the competency is) and always replace the person who can do a job with a gabshite who sounds like they can, but really cannot do it. I don't think the EA is special in that - our entire economy has been suffering from it since the mid-70s. said...

Yes, creating a "climate of fear" in order to get more power is the oldest trick in the book. See also: witch hunts.

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