Thursday 14 October 2010

La Bamba Le Monde

Over at the Pub Curmudgeon's they are compiling the Ultimate Pub Jukebox.

Graphic courtesy of Mark Wadsworth

I've proposed Richie Valens "La Bamba" because it is a universal song with the power to lift the mood. Everyone knows it even though they don't know the words.

This clip is the proof. It is of a La Bamba festival in Japan at the Saitama Super Arena.

The Saitama Super Arena is gorgeous engineering, worth a visit just for its improbable self.

The gigantic structure, weighing 15,000 tons and 41.5m high, moves a distance of 70 meters horizontally, a taking with it with approx. 9,000 seats and numerous facilities to transform the Main Arena into a Stadium accommodating up to 37,000

The innards glide about and re-arrange themselves in the manner of a tethered space ship.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for mention but it's hardly a 'graphic'. I just used a b/w drawing from the internet and cut out the middle bit etc.

Woman on a Raft said...

OK Mark, have altered the credit to reflect that.

All Seeing Eye said...

That Jukebox thread has some superb tunes on it. Ah, the wisdom of crowds...I'm not a huge fan of music in bars but I'd drink in a pub like that.

Dick the Prick said...

Bit of a personal one but we hammered this one at the boozer near our student digs - not really sure why! Fats Domino

And any decent jukebox has to have Lord Lionel of Rich Tea's Stuck on You for the last song.