Monday, 2 December 2013


A load of stinking offal

A foreign woman who was raped whilst in hospital is being told that she cannot take action because the rapist claims that he was legally obliged to fuck her and that it is alright as she's a nutter and anyway, they took the precaution of knocking her out first. 

The woman was in Britain for a two week training course and became temporarily confused by the parking system at Stanstead Airport.  She called the traffic police who concluded she was a hysterical Latino type and that she should go to hospital to calm her down.

The woman was detained by the hospital - which turned out to be psychiatric unit - because there were  hardly any other crazy people from Essex to deal with.  The woman wanted to go home, but as she apparently lived in an uncivilized place called Italy, the hospital continued to define her as an utter nutter and hung on to her claiming that it was all for her own good.  You cannot trust these foreign types, Mafioso and so forth.

After about five weeks it became apparent that all she really needed was a good seeing-too, probably a lesbian, but it needed to be all legal.  Normally no one in a theraputic relationship with a patient is allowed to have sex with them, so a court order would be necessary.

Essex Social Services and the lawyers appointed to 'see to' the woman went to the Court of Protection where they got Mr Justice Mothballs (adulterer and known as 'Mr Payout' when he was divorce lawyering)  to agree that it was definitely in her interest to have a good porking, sort her out no end, women, who'd have them, by the way, did I tell you my wife of 30 years, the cow, is trying to insist I have to pay her money if I want to trade her in for a younger model...not that I have any problem with women, do I ladies?

Mr Justice Mothballs signed the order and further agreed that she should be shoved on a plane as soon as possible thereafter since that was what she had been requesting for the previous month, but she couldn't possibly be allowed to go without being shown the error of her ways.

There was a slight difficulty in finding a normal heterosexual doctor who actually wanted to fuck an unconscious and thereby unconsenting woman, regarding that as unethical and disgusting no matter what the stupid paper said, but eventually a psychopathic doctor was found who was running for a job at Stafford Hospital.  He found the erotic possibilities of the court order and an entire theatre team watching him stick it up her, legally, without consent, an amazing aid to performance. Apparently the videos are to be put on Youtube.

The woman woke up back in Italy, walking funny and finding a knife-wound to her belly, suggesting that the doctor had fucked her in an unusual manner, more like something out of Stephen King.  She wondered if she had been impregnated and was going to give birth to the devil but it turned out that precisely the opposite had happened and the doctor had collected tissue at the request of Essex Social Services.  Social workers claimed she is much better now that she had experienced a Real Man but, perhaps surprisingly, she claims she does not. Told you, prob'ly a lezzer, the ungrateful bitch.

The woman is currently undergoing explorations to see if her ovaries are still there or
if they have been nicked so that Essex Social Services can sell the eggs individually. However, Essex Social Services have denied taking ovaries, insisting that the tissue they took was for research purposes only and will never be missed by the woman who didn't deserve it anyway.

This was confirmed by Judge Noballs  at Chelmsford Crown Court, where the woman brought a suit against her treatment.  The judge said that the woman certainly sounded sane now, but she might go all funny and foreign at any moment and anyway, she could not possibly be interested in the whereabouts of a five-pound tumour which was now being used in research or broken for spares or something.

An interesting question from this is how was the tissue recorded? Normally tumours of this size have to be formally recorded and in particular the name of the host must be on it, but due to the court order and the rape, this tumour was less traceable than even a calf born in a dairy herd.  Intriguing.

Essex Social Services have reminded people that they are very keen to protect any young women who think they might be feeling a bit panicky. You are invited to ring them to report any you may know of, particular if the young lady is fit and of child-bearing age.

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Update: according to John Hemming the case has been transferred from Chelmsford to the High Court where it will be heard by the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby.   Sir James gave a recent address on the reforms he hopes to see.

Mr Justice Mothballs has previously made his opinion of Sir James Munby clear by naming seven pet pigs after him.   Fat lot of good it is being educated at Amplesides, complaining about the secularists and describing oneself as a Catholic if you are going to sign orders to slice up a woman to get to her baby - and probably an Italian Catholic woman -  in secret.

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the moon is a balloon said...

Excuse me, your honour, is this not my body? Apparently, no, it is not. If they can cut an unborn child from its (not-yet) mother, what can they not do? It is just vile, and a disgrace to us all.

Edgar said...

So often it seems to happen that a single, crass action by the zombies who serve the state against an individual topples the whole house of cards. It is to our shame that this wasn't the action and that the house of cards still stands.

Ian Hills said...

At this rate I can see names and addresses of guilty parties being published on the Internet one day - and not just of those involved in this case either.

Anonymous said...

Name the hospital.

lilith said...

This is just so so horrific. The BBC however, thinks that all we are interested in is an accident that happened a few days ago in Glasgow.

Woman on a Raft said...

Hello Moon is a Balloon

I'm waiting for the forcible impregnations. For all we know, the secret courts are ordering them.

Actually, Edgar, I'm letting myself off the shame part because I've been agitating for many years now. It is difficult to get people to take notice until they find themselves on the receiving end (which thankfully I have not) but I could instantly see the possibilities. John Hemming became involved when they tried it on with his girlfriend.

As regards the hospital, Rightwinggit and Mr Hills, it makes very little difference which one it is. Any hospital would have complied because our public morals have been so badly damaged that the med team would have gone "is there a court order I can hide behind?" and promptly got on with it. They happily kill old people, nobody can touch them, so a bit of forced kidnapping is not going to bother them.

This is the point: it is not about individuals but about the manipulation of their environment so that they do not dare challenge an order so long as they are relieved of the legal responsibility for what orders they follow.

And yes, Lilith, the response levels should have had this running in the top five stories but the BBC is part of the machinery of state. As you can see, it is much more important to promote the interests of young men fucking each other. (That little diver bloke has a boyfriend). That's the only human right which is of any value. Sod the concept of family. Except if gay men want to farm a baby from some poor old cow's womb. Then it's their human right and fuck you, spread 'em bitch.

I wonder if it is worth taking a screen shot and writing a letter? Probably a waste of time.

Mind you, they did run this one:

JuliaM said...

Cheers for link!

It seems Shami Chakrabhati has now remembered what the name of her organisation means, too.

Or more likely, she sees a reason to get her mug in the media...

Anonymous said...

"As regards the hospital, Rightwinggit and Mr Hills, it makes very little difference which one it is"

So name it.

I have methods you don't have access to.

Woman on a Raft said...

I don't think it is a secret now - she says that it is Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex and she was moved to Broomfields hospital on the edge of Chelmsford.

But I don't want to get side-tracked by giving the impression that it is any one particular hospital which is at fault; I'm saying any of them might have done it because the medics think they are in charge of this process when really, they are not.

- the hospital colluded with the social services to detain a foreign national who should have been escorted home, as she wanted, and left in the care of Italian health services. She was bi-polar but that is not a problem if she wants to go home, she was not even likely to need a sedative. As as an EU citizen she has a prior right of free movement which must be respected.

- We have no idea if she received any proper legal advice or representation. Rather, any rights had under MH legislation seem to have been ignored.

- The point of the CoP is to scrutinize the decisions of doctors and psychiatrists, who are not expected to be experts in capacity legislation. They give an opinion, not an excuse for the judge to hide behind. There is no point in even having a court if all they are doing to do is rubber-stamp what the medics wanted anyway.

- Ultimately, this is a story of the social workers running rings round the hospital and each of the judges in turn. And the judges let them get away with it.

- At the moment, the legals are like those middle-aged ladies who give all their savings to an American man because they are too needy and self-deluding to face the fact that they have been had. At the moment they are all rushing round saying "How dare you say there is a conspiracy, I was not in a conspiracy'. And so they were not; they are the useful idiots who were persuaded to sign-off the conspiracy.

- It is going to take some time for them to admit that to themselves.