Thursday, 3 November 2011

Church News

David Cameron, the Prime Minister who doesn't have a parliamentary majority with his own party, thinks that Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, speaks for the whole country.

Rowan Williams doesn't even speak for the whole Anglican communion in England, let alone the world. Please don't mention the g-word.

Mr Raft nails it:

"He isn't even the best drummer in the Beatles."



Church of England Accounts 2010

The Church Commissioners manage an investment fund of
£5.3 billion, held mainly in property and shares.

They have particular responsibility for generating a return sufficient to pay the pensions of the clergy. From page 7:-
"In addition, the banks, burnt by the very crisis they themselves caused, have restricted their lending."
No sense there of any understanding that at no time did the church suggest that people should not be borrowing money; indeed, they are very happy to process credit card payments at their gift shops and the shopping centres they invest in.

"The Church Commissioners' commercial property portfolio consists of a diverse range of Retail (including High Street, Shopping Centre and Warehouse Parks), Industrial, and Office properties, located throughout the UK and is currently valued at £321 million.

Notable investments in the portfolio include the MetroCentre, Europe's largest (and recently voted Britain's Best) shopping centre. The Centre is managed by Capital Shopping Centres but the Commissioners receive 10% of the net rents."

The congregation will rise and sing hymn number 666


lilith said...

So agree. No one that badly in need of a haircut and beard/brow trim has ever spoken for me.

lilith said...

I am so cross about the suggestion that he speaks for me that I have mailed Dave to tell him.

Woman on a Raft said...

Well done Lilith. An example we should all follow.

MTG said...

So you didn't know the offices of Dave and Rowan are supported by blind faith and crooks?

Loved the video but that drummer is the stuff of nightmares.

Woman on a Raft said...

Hello MTG

Daft, isn't it? The best you can say is that at least they aren't Blair and Brown. I can never square up the well-supported churches I see on my travels with the utter shower the leading churchmen seem to be.

That drummer was John "Stumpy" Pepys (1964–1966) who died in a bizarre gardening accident that the authorities said was "best left unsolved".

MTG said...

As the coroner observed, it was a sad case of extreme gardening. I always keep a jar of anti venom in the greenhouse, just in case of triffid stings.