Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

A wedding hat

Nana Raft loves a wedding, especially a Royal one. She has spoken and thus it is decreed we will be hanging out the flags because, if you look round at the Family Windsor, this could be the last big Royal wedding for a long time. There is the Diamond Jubilee next year.

Baba Raft has kindly agreed to do the catering, so it's all round to her gaff for the nuptials. She puts on a magnificent spread does Baba, which is far better than leaving it to me.

With all due respect to Republicans, I do not share their reservations. The English dearly love a lord and so, as it happens, do the Poles. The Polish car wash has decked itself out in flags and, touchingly, the English flag, bless them, for it is our Saint's parade on Sunday.

If the Poles can put on a show, so can I.

Besides, it is a chance to wear a wedding hat I bought some time ago. The hat is super-light, whipped up out of netting, just the thing for watching telly in (New Look, dahlink). It is unfortunately similar to a lavender lampshade but it was a bargain. I've even got a heather-pink tweed jacket and dress which will go well with it.

Possibly I shall have to wear it with pink Crocs if there is a lot of trotting from the nibbles to the telly; it's important to get the right functional footwear for these formal occasions. I will also get out the diamante necklace, although diamonds are not really 'before lunch' jewels. But then, they aren't diamonds. Maybe I'll go with the Majorica pearls - they are much more Kate than Di.

Best Wishes to William and Catherine.


Catherine in Athens said...

Shame you're not going to be at the Abbey, as your outfit sounds amazing. I hope your Crocs are suitably customised. Try:,default,pd.html?cid=001&cgid=jibbitz-classic-favorites-fashion-accessories

Enjoy your day!

JuliaM said...

Well said! Let the carpers and moaners wallow in their bile, it's an extra Bank Holiday, who cares about 'why'..! :D

Woman on a Raft said...

Many thanks for that, Catherine in Athens. I didn't know about the charms.

The day went splendidly. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and the pictures came over superbly. The staging was pitch-perfect in every way; it was obvious that a tremendous amount of thought went in to every aspect to make sure it was classy but not aloof, inclusive but not vulgar.

It was nice to see so many people enjoying themselves at once. For anyone who doesn't care for the monarchy, it was also an excellent day to have much of the country to themselves so even they benefitted indirectly.

Woman on a Raft said...

Thanks for that, JuliaM.

Personally, I'm not that keen on the Olympics but I think Guido Fawkes said it right when he argued we should sometimes stop moaning and not spoil it for others. Many people demonstrably enjoy the games and our performance to world standards has improved in many sports.

One day in 30 years spent celebrating a wedding is hardly going over the top. One Olympic games in the century should not make us lose our heads.

banned said...

I didn't put out any bunting but did watch and enjoy the show.

lilith said...

There were mutterings of "oh look! the Hippies put out a flag" around here when I taped a union jack flag to a bamboo pole with duct tape. Somebody has to keep up standards.

Love the hat